What is Wright Resolutions Approach?

Wright Resolutions uses many techniques to help our clients develop, meet and maximize their human potential. One of the approaches we use is coaching. What is "coaching"? Since its inception in the 1980's, coaching has become a useful strategy in both the counseling and business world. Similar to an athletic coach, a professional coach guide, support and encourage their already talented-enriched client to evolve into their best self.

At Wright Resolutions we practice multiple coaching modules. These modules include, life, leadership, group, personal and family coaching. In essence, coaching is a journey not a destination, and is a series of small wins that lead to an overall championship that is enjoyed by you—the client. Our philosophy at Wright Resolutions is that coaching is a co-active relationship, lead by our client; and we assist you in the process.

In addition to coaching, we create trainings and facilitate meetings. As our client, you are in control; it will be your talent, your pace, and your hard work that will lead you to your greatest accomplishment, which is discovering the masterpiece within-you!

Discover the Masterpiece Called You!

Through a series of self-guided exercises, Wright Resolutions will help you discover the masterpiece called you! The first step to self-discovery includes taking an inventory of you—your values, your experiences and who you are. Through the use of some well-known inventory tools and coaching sessions, you will discover you and the natural talents that make you the unique individual that you are.

Further Develop The Leader You Were Called To Be!

Bill Gates states, "As we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." Essentially this quote speaks to the leadership goals of Wright Resolutions; it is our core belief that authentic leadership includes that of developing empathy. It is our belief that empathy coupled with self-awareness and an understanding of your talents is essential to guiding, developing and implementing strong leadership in others. At Wright Resolutions we are committed to assisting leaders to start this process. Through a series of self-inventory, observation, critical thinking activities and the development of an action plan; Wright Resolutions takes pride in developing quality leaders and professional experts in the human potential.

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