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Danielle Wright is an educator and a committed life learner. With a career span of fourteen years in the field of education, Danielle has served in a myriad of positions, such as a conflict resolution trainer/facilitator, as a general education teacher and as an education consultant. These professional experiences have not only enhanced Danielle's innate skills and talents of connecting with people, but have provided her with a firm foundation for her current position as a Director of a Leadership Institute for a national education non-profit organization.

As Director of a Leadership Institute, Danielle is utilizing her people skills and natural leadership abilities in overseeing, creating and implementing a national fellowship program that is charged with identifying and shaping future leaders in the field of education.

Through her commitment of life learning Danielle has earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Science in Education and the University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Language and Literature. Currently Danielle is pursuing a graduate certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching at the George Washington University.

Danielle Wright is a leader. Having served on several community based projects in various leadership roles, such as President of her Homeowner's Association. Danielle's leadership contributions have been recognized by many specifically that of the Northern Virginia Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc who bestowed an outstanding community service award to Danielle. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys interior design projects, traveling to domestic and international destinations and sharing a good story that will hopefully generate a gut-wrenching laugh that is followed by an authentic smile.

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